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Greenwood Residents: Speak Up!

March 15, 2011

I know a lot of people who dislike my town. Some grew up here. Others moved here as adults. Others only know people who live here.

It’s too small. There’s nothing to do. Everything is for old people.

Then there are those of us who embrace our city.

There are amazing local artists. We have so many small businesses. Uptown is booming.

from Uptown Greenwood Farmers Market Master Plan's Facebook page

So for those of you who are not happy with Greenwood, now is your time to speak up. For those of you have enjoyed the recent growth in Greenwood, we need your voices too! We have an opportunity to move our farmers market to the Uptown. This will continue to stimulate economic growth and encourage new businesses to move to the area. This is also a better location for residents who simply want to buy fresh produce and check out local shops in the same morning.

If you are interested, the first Uptown Farmers Market Master Plan meeting is 6:00-7:30 on March 17, 2011 at the Arts Center, 120 Main Street, Greenwood, SC. For additional details, visit the Facebook page or the Uptown event details page.

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  1. John permalink
    March 16, 2011 6:37 pm

    Here’s the thing. Greenwood was good to me for school years, I know. But whether you like it or hate it (it bores the hell out of me), if you live there you shouldn’t turn a blind eye to the horrible things the leadership is doing that only benefit themselves, and hurt everyone in the town. The shady dealings of Lander to acquire property, and how they’ve worked with the councils to evict low income residents of a specific apartment complex without giving them any sort of guidance, assistance, etc in moving. Moving costs money, money a lot of them didn’t have – and to turn it into basically just another dorm? Shady, immoral, and nobody should support this.

    Lander is no longer a college, it’s a real estate agency. They’re sprawling all over town with little benefit to the students – in fact most of which I’d say is detrimental. Housing is being moved so far from core campus (which studies have shown that when students do live further from campus, grades suffer), as well as taking up prime uptown real estate. Tuition is now $9200 without fees – that’s approximately equal to Clemson and USC. Housing at Lander in the new area that they took from low-income residents is $500 per month per person, whereas the total rent per unit there before was less than $700/mo, now it’s $1500 for a 3BR.

    What about the lack of either council to want to move the town actually forward when it comes to jobs? All that Greenwood keeps getting are nothing but either retail jobs, or things like Sykes that pay equivalent to retail. These aren’t the good jobs people here used to have, they’re settling and it makes them fall into the “Underemployed” category. Greenwood’s unemployment rate is currently 11.5% – but that doesn’t include underemployed, and people who just gave up even looking for jobs, and this puts the underemployment rate between 20-25%.

    The two councils aren’t working to get anything meaningful to come to Greenwood – it’s all retail or low wage, as well as unimportant things like moving the farmers’ market. The largest employer is Self, followed by Fuji (which is having trouble competing in the consumer market no less), then the SC State Budget and Control board, then Greenwood Dist. 50, and Solutia. Out of those top 5, 3 are non-producers, and the 2 that are have been having layoffs or are unable to compete in their respective market.

    Little festivals and events can only go so far in helping the town, temporary bandages to a much bigger problem.

    Though, if I wanted a title loan I’d sure come to Greenwood!

    • March 16, 2011 9:32 pm


      I’m not trying to turn a blind eye to anything in Greenwood. Greenwood is not a perfect town, but if everyone were to abandon the town, then there will be nothing here for anyone.

      I agree about Lander (another subject altogether). And remember, I have been directly affected by their unquenchable thirst for growth. They put my husband out of work.

      Unemployment is high everywhere. While Greenwood might have a higher rate, our town follows the same trends as the other counties within the state.

      As far as better jobs: these things take time. Considering the lack of an interstate and being a smaller county, I still believe Greenwood is working hard to become a better place. Every town will have its share of corrupt politicians and power-hungry leaders. Luckily Greenwood also has dedicated residents and a strong sense of entrepreneurship.

      I am glad you have found somewhere that meets your needs better, but for the time being, I am gainfully employed and taking full advantage of what Greenwood has to offer.

  2. March 20, 2011 10:31 pm

    Glad to see you are getting involved, Jamie! I have started to go to the farmers’ market this year and loved it. I always thought it made more sense to have it uptown like other towns like Charleston do. In fact, in Charleston they don’t even have a building. Each farmer is issued or provides (I’m not sure which) a tent and they set up each weekend. It makes more economic sense than building something, in my opinion.

    But, what I think is great is to work for the good of wherever you are living, big or small. Bloom where you are planted and your environment will benefit, right?

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