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La Casa De Los Libramentos

July 14, 2011

I promised Jill a post about my wire wrapping jewelry class this past weekend. I had already made plans to visit my grandparents for the weekend, so I kept those plans. I enjoyed a weekend of relaxing, learning, and going!

Friday started with a home cooked meal, a lesson on induction ovens, and time catching up. My grandparents just bought a new induction range, and they tried it out for the first time on Friday night. The induction range is different from a standard stovetop. The induction range actually causes magnetized particles within the specialized cookware to heat the pot or pan without heating the stove. This allows quicker heating and better control.

We ended the night by watching Secretariat, an inspirational true story. While it was just a movie to me, my grandparents remember when the nation was watching Big Red race for the Triple Crown. They told me how they followed the story. How excited everyone was. It reminds me of how people talk of the first shuttle launch, of rooting for an underdog to do the impossible. I wonder how a positive event could bring our nation together now, in the face of a poor economy and general dissatisfaction with the political system.

Saturday was wonderful. We started the day with breakfast followed by shopping at the area thrift stores. I scored several items. For $25, I bought a pair of shorts, a blouse, a t-shirt, a pair of khakis, two pairs of dressy flip flops, and my favorite prize of the day—a knee-length white Alyn Paige dress. I also scored a cute tea cup and saucer for my mom’s collection. We took a break for pizza at The Brick Pizzeria & Cafe and discussed the town conflict between the pizzeria owner and the Republican headquarters bordering the property.

We took the afternoon off before driving to Hendersonville for sushi at Umi. We enjoyed appetizers of edamame, seaweed salad, shumani, and miso soup. Then we feasted on fresh sushi of salmon, mackerel, yellowfin, and tuna, also with a Philadelphia roll, California roll, and Godzilla roll. I decided I would share my experience through a picture to my husband. After a bit of envy, Mat returned a picture of his dinner: a single hot dog. Maybe it was just the moment, but we all laughed at the contrast in our dinners.

Sunday morning, we all decided to start early. I picked 20 cups of blueberries. I ate some fresh throughout this week, while other blueberries are now part of a cobbler. After we each picked our fill of blueberries, we went to brunch at the Lake Lanier Tea House. This brunch was a great mix of eggs, sausage, pancakes, fried chicken, broccoli casserole, and fresh fruit. There was a peaceful lake view to accompany the meal.

I had to return home after brunch, but the visit with my grandparents was great. While I didn’t get a chance to learn about more about making jewelry, but I did get to learn more about my grandparents and their hobbies, community involvement, and history. Indeed, a wonderful weekend.

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