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Celebrating a Birthday

October 19, 2011

I spend Wednesday relaxing before the seemingly endless flights begin. Mat and I were fortunate enough to sleep in after the long drive to Ohio. After a breakfast of homemade pancakes, bacon, and eggs, we packed up a picnic lunch and loaded the boat.

Mat decided to spend his birthday fishing on the Ohio River. We bought his out-of-state fishing license, then went on a search for bait. After passing several shops without bait, we finally found a small shop along Route 7. Then, we went to a boat ramp. Unfortunately, the water was too high and too rough to put the boat in.

Fishing on the Ohio River

So we drive another thirty minutes to the public boat ramp in downtown Gallipolis, OH. At 3:30, we could finally begin fishing.

The guys cast out their rods. Jackie (my mother-in-law) and I enjoyed the sun and fresh air. It was relaxing and peaceful. The water was calm where we anchored the boat. After an hour and a half, the sky grew dark. We decided to get the boat out of the water before a storm could sneak up on us. The storm never came, but better safe than sorry, I suppose.

After loading the boat, we grabbed a pizza for dinner and a cake for Mathew’s birthday.

We enjoyed a family dinner. After lighting the candles on the cake and singing happy birthday, Mat was ready to blow out the candles. He asked what he should wish for.

I had an answer: “A long and happy life.” After a split second, I realized I should add in “with me”! And of course I did.

Jersey “Baby”
(Photo by Mathew Gillenwater)

We spent the remainder of the night relaxing and chatting. Before we went to bed, we walked down to the pasture to walk the baby steer up to the barn for the night. He’s a sweet calf named “Jersey,” but my mother-in-law affectionately calls him “Baby.” He acts more like a puppy than a steer, showing up whenever he is called. He loves to be petted and enjoys the extra grain he gets as the baby of all the cows.

As I laid in bed that night, I was thinking:

I’ll be in Scotland in less than two days. Am I even ready for this trip? I know all of the logistics are taken care of, but I had already realized a few forgotten items. I guess I will deal with any issues as they arise.

I hope no major issues arise, but you will certainly know if they do.

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