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A Long Layover

November 6, 2011

Sorry, I am late posting again. Here is the remainder of my trip.

Saturday morning I begin my flights home. I check in, find the louge and enjoy breakfast.

I board my first flight, short 25 minutes to Amsterdam. I land with enough time to catch my next flight, but the Amsterdam airport did not shrink since my last layover. I rush through to catch my connecting flight. I make it with time to spare, but I have decided that all future Amsterdam layovers will be at least two hours.

I meet a truly interesting man on the flight from Amsterdam to Detroit. We discussed many ideas that go beyond the basics of a seat mate meet-and-greet. He tells me about an organization that has grown brain tissue from rats. They then connect this tissue to wires and use the brain tissue to send the signals between the connections. As this equipment went through its task, the tissue learned the next step. It no longer waited for the electrical signal to inform the next connection that the next task could begin. It developed a memory with only a few rat brain cells and electrical impulses.

Our conversation continued along the same path. We discussed a married couple, both neurologists. They told my seat mate about an experiment they had recently performed. They connected to one another to allow their electrical impulses flow through one another sharing experiences. It seems like a relatively new experiment, but sounds as though it has some interesting potential. Then we briefly discussed whether or not the personal experience nd privacy would have any value in the future. Rather than travel round the world you could  experience someone else’s trip for a fraction of the cost.

I spent the remainder of the flight relaxing and catching up on the latest movies.

I landed at the Detroit airport and waited in line to get through passport control. Then I picked up my luggage. Then I waited through customs. Then I met my older brother.

I was very excited to see my older brother. Over the past few years I have only seen him a few times. We drove to his new home and dropped off my luggage. He showed me all of his SCUBA gear. We are hoping to go diving during our next family vacation in St. Augustine.

After hanging out for a little while, we go for pizza in Ann Arbor. We laugh as we watch Michigan fans cheer or mourn with each play. We go back to his place and call it a night. I haven’t recovered from my jet lag just yet.

The next morning we go to The Bomber for breakfast. I order caramel apple pancakes. The cooked apples are cooked into the pancakes, which are drizzled in a caramel syrup. The are delicious! Unfortunately they are also huge! So I eat half and leave the other half with my older brother.

He drives me to the airport. I check my bag for the final flight of the journey. I unpack my electronics, take off my shoes, and walk through security for the last time (for a few weeks).  It’s then that I realize I left my jacket at Jonathan’s house. Oh, well. I’ll get it back at Christmas.

The final flight is short and smooth. The view from the sky is beautiful. Shades of crimson and burnt orange fill the tree line.

Mat and his mom pick me up at the Charleston, WV airport. The evening is uneventful. I am happy to be home for the next week.

Because I am already so far behind, I will just say that we spent time with family and went to the annual Bob Evans Farm Festival at the original farm in Rio Grande, Ohio. I have posted pictures of my trip. Sorry I haven’t been as diligent in sharing as I hoped, but after losing half of my written posts and catching up on life, I just haven’t found the time.

Enjoy the pictures:

Edinburgh, Scotland
Highlands of Scotland
Antwerp, Belgium

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  1. November 6, 2011 12:20 pm

    Hi Jamie.
    It’s been great reading about your travels. Thanks for sharing!

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